COVID-19 & influenza Surface Testing

Detection up to a week before symptoms appear

A cost-effective alternative to daily human testing

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“We had a positive COVID in one of our communities. [Surface Testing] allowed us to be a full week ahead of when we would have seen symptoms.”

Brenda Connelly

Chief Quality Officer at The Springs Living, LLC

How it works

Why use COVID-19+influenza surface testing?

  • Minimize outbreaks and alleviate testing fatigue for residents and staff via non-invasive testing
  • Validate your infection control procedures
  • Regain the trust of the public and increase census
  • by publishing the certificate of testing to highlight
  • your commitment to high quality standard of safety
  • Make rapid decisions confidently based on the
    simple weekly report

What's inside?

  • 8 swabs with collection tubes,
  • 1 pair of gloves,
  • A disinfecting wipe,
  • Simple instructions and
  • A postage-paid overnight shipping label
  • A clear weekly report within 24 hours that tell you if your zone has been exposed to COVID-19 and/or influenza

Fast Results

Your samples ship overnight and we send you the test results within 24 hours of delivery.


Easy to use

We send you everything you need. 1) Choose high-traffic surfaces to test 2) Swab. 3) Ship. We do the rest. 



Contact us via phone or email 7 days a week. If your test is positive, we're here to help you decide what to do.



We use CDC- and FDA-approved highly sensitive methods to detect as little as 20 COVID-19 viral particles with confidence.


We can't test every person every day, but we can test every building every day. In addition, buildings are being tested and results arrive in 24 hours and can help guide actions the next day of building operations, controls or contact tracing.”

Kevin Van Den Wymelenberg,
Director at the University of Oregon's Institute for the Health and the Built Environment


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