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Enviral Tech was founded in March of 2020 by scientists to respond to the need for rapid testing for the COVID-19 global pandemic. Our primary purpose is to keep people safe by making state-of-the-art viral detection technology available to the general public. Our facilities are located in Eugene, OR.

Our focus:

Protecting at-risk communities led us to work with many long-term care facilities. We leverage tried and true cutting-edge and FDA- and CDC- approved viral testing technology to provide early outbreak warning and validate cleaning protocols. Our customers report being able to detect and take protective measures as long as a week prior to the first symptoms appearing in the infected individuals.

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Enviral Tech is providing COVID-19 surface testing for over 1,000 COVID surface test each to week to over 100 long-term care facilities across the country. We are swiftly responding to the ever-growing demand for a reasonable and sustainable solution to the current invasivity, shortage, cost and wait time of COVID human testing.


Shula Jaron is the CEO of Enviral Tech.
Shula holds her Ph.D. in Biochemistry from OHSU and has worked in both academia and industry. Shula co-founded FertiLab, the first life science incubator and startup resource in Lane County before becoming VP of Business Development at InVivo Biosystems, a biotech company working to personalize the treatment of human diseases using a proprietary testing platform with model organisms. Under her leadership, InVivo Biosystems created partnerships with pharmaceutical and biotech companies to help test and develop new treatments for human diseases.

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