Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Sample collection Info

We strongly suggest testing non-porous surfaces about the size of a credit card for best sampling quality.

We recommend that you test surfaces in high traffic areas, such as: Door knobs, TV remote, elevator buttons, faucet handles, bedside tables, front desk, light switches, ventilation exits, soap/sanitizer dispensers, handrails, armrests, phones, or toilets.

Samples should be collected with appropriate infection control precautions. Current guidance
for COVID-19 infection control precautions are available at the CDC’s website (

In your kit, you will find gloves, sanitizing material, and a resealable waste bag. We also provide you with detailed instructions designed to help you mitigate the risk of cross-contamination. Make sure to read the instructions ahead of time and to follow them step-by-step.

Each tube contains a small volume of a solution. It is unlikely to spill, however, in case of contact with your skin, rinse thoroughly with soapy water as it is a mild irritant. 

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions ([email protected]).

Surface samples are collected by wiping the surface of the test object with the swabs and/or pads that come in the kit. These swabs/pads are then placed into collection tubes that contain lysis buffer, which inactivates the virus and prepares it for testing when it is received at the lab. Make sure to note on the card what surface you tested.

Air samples are collected using the filtration unit and included air filters. When you are ready for testing, you can remove the cartridge and send it back to us in the prepaid shipper. You should record the length of time that the cartridge is in use before testing.

Air samples should be collected for at least 20 minutes and as long as 24 hours before sending back to the lab for testing.

We have optimized our sampling materials to get the best results possible and we cannot guarantee results if other materials are used. However, we are happy to work with you to figure out if we are able to test your materials. Please give us a call!

Sample return info

Overnight return postage for one package is included in the price of the kit and a return label will be provided to you. Please use the enclosed box to return your sample

Please make sure to bag the samples after they are collected. A sealable bag is included in the package.

Samples are room temperature stable, so all you need to do is drop them in the box and ship them back!

Results reporting info

We guarantee results within 48 hours of receipt of the sample at our lab and we aim to get you results within 24 hours.

Results will be returned to you by email and we are working on a web portal where you can view your results.

Yes, you will receive a dated certificate.

Positive test results indicate the presence of viral particles and may indicate that the surface was contaminated by contact or proximity with an infected person. The presence of viral genetic material on a surface does not indicate that the most recent cleaning was improper, and can be due to other factors, including that the surface was re-contaminated by contact or proximity with an infected person.

Contamination management decisions should be made in accordance with the current CDC
guidelines. For additional information, please see nCoV/index.html.

Based on repeated measurements done on over 1,000 surface tests, we know that the Surface Check has a sensitivity of over 95%. Choosing 8 surfaces to test allows you to catch 90% of outbreaks. 

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