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Enviral Tech is a biotechnology company focused on environmental viral building surveillance solutions. Enviral Tech's patented COVID surface testing and COVID air testing provide early coronavirus detection for the health of communities, by preventing new infections and improving business and consumer confidence. Founded in March 2020, Enviral Tech has processed upwards of 20,000 coronavirus surface tests in more than 100 facilities nationwide.

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Protecting Long-Term Care Communities Through COVID-19 Surface Testing
Findings of a 5-week study in 52 Long-Term Care Communities in the US

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Earlier this year, Enviral Tech led the largest study focusing on COVID-19 outbreak prevention in long-term care communities. 52 communities across 6 states enrolled to test the efficiency of surface testing for early outbreak warning. In this white paper, we share with you the findings of this study.

Why senior and nursing home communities are using surface testing:

In recent weeks the number of COVID-19 cases has once again increased across the country, leading to delays of human test results. This is particularly dangerous for senior living and long-term care residents, as the disease spreads extremely rapidly in those communities, due to the precarious health of the residents. When using Enviral Tech’s Surface Check, we send you a detailed yet easy to read report via email within 24 hours and has given communities about 1 week of early warning, a precious time to properly prepare for an outbreak.

Viruses such as SARS-CoV-2 and Influenza can deposit onto surfaces by infected individuals via droplets or soiled hands. This can happen when individuals are contagious, even if they do not exhibit symptoms. Being able to detect when and where they have shed the virus can therefore help prevent outbreaks within your community by giving early warning that a member of the community is currently infected, regardless of whether they exhibit symptoms or not.

Enviral Tech’s COVID surface test can be performed by any staff member and guarantees results within 24 hours of the samples’ arrival to the lab, with low false positive and false negative rates. This test utilizes the same technology (RT-PCR) as most human tests and is sensitive enough to detect a small number of viral particles on a swab.

Enviral Tech was founded in March of 2020 by scientists to respond to the need for rapid testing for the COVID-19 global pandemic. Since then, we have tested upward of 20,000 surfaces with a 95.5% reliability. We are supporting over 100 senior and long-term care communities by enabling them to surveille their environment and detect viruses as soon as they are introduced into the community.

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