Enviral Tech Launches State-of-the-Art Surface & Environment Testing for COVID-19

Enviral Tech Launches State-of-the-Art Surface & Environment Testing for COVID-19

Biotech company provides test results within 24 hours for early virus detection in long-term care facilities, schools

Eugene, OR, Aug. 6, 2020 — Enviral Tech, a biotechnology company that provides molecular hygiene testing for the management of pandemic and post-pandemic facility safety assurance, is pleased to announce the availability of its SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) Surface Check and Air Check Test Kits. Available throughout the United States, the kits can be used on any surface or in any environment for early detection of the COVID-19 virus to ensure the health of communities, prevent new infection, and restore consumer confidence.

Founded by Shula Jaron, Ph.D., Brian Patch, MBA, Stephen Turner, Ph.D., the company began in response to the growing need for rapid COVID-19 testing in facilities where people need to congregate, such as long-term care communities, schools, commercial properties, and corporate offices. Today, Enviral Tech's kits are used by more than 100 facilities across the United States.

“We identified early on the impact that this form of testing can have on communities to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, but the problem we really set out to solve was accessibility,” said Jaron, CEO of Enviral Tech. “These tests provide businesses with an affordable and easy way to determine whether someone in its community has the virus up to a week before anyone shows symptoms.”

Located in Eugene, OR, Enviral Tech's BSL-2+ facility is equipped with advanced testing technology and has the capacity to process hundreds of samples per day while ensuring both test integrity and employee safety. The kits are based on the same sensitive and specific molecular tests used for human diagnostic testing.. Enviral Tech's services deliver results within 24 hours, faster than any other service of this type.

Based on repeated measurements done on over 2,000 surface tests in more than 50 facilities, Enviral Tech has demonstrated that surface environmental testing can be used as a tool for early detection of virus in a building. Coupled with follow on human diagnostic testing, surface testing is a key component in stopping outbreaks before they happen.

Enviral Tech offers Surface Check kits containing four or eight swabs, and are available on a one-time or subscription basis. The Air Check kit provides SARS-CoV-2 detection from air samples collected using an intake device with a fitted filter. This kit provides enough filters for three independent samplings, and replacement filters can be purchased for additional tests. The company also provides a certificate of viral inspection for business to display or share, and, if a business tests positive, Enviral Tech offers a free consultation on the necessary steps to help mitigate a potential outbreak.

To learn more about Enviral Tech or to order test kits, please visit enviraltech.com.


Enviral Tech is a biotechnology company focused on environmental viral building surveillance solutions. Enviral Tech's patented COVID surface testing and COVID air testing provide early coronavirus detection for the health of communities, by preventing new infections and improving business and consumer confidence. Founded in March 2020, Enviral Tech has processed upwards of 20,000 coronavirus surface tests in more than 100 facilities nationwide. For more information, please visit www.enviraltech.com


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