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Detect COVID-19 up to 5 days before symptoms appear

Early outbreak warning and detection of the COVID-19 virus

Why COVID surface testing in businesses?

Healthy staff means a healthy working environment. As such, Enviral Tech is working with businesses to address staff and consumer concerns by performing weekly surface testing to find out if asymptomatic people are currently shedding the COVID-19 virus. Our COVID surface testing solution helps staff be safer, while reducing the need for and in complement with expensive and invasive testing of individuals.

Whether or not they are responsible for the virus spreading, surfaces collect the virus when infected people are touching them or speaking around them. Therefore surfaces can reliably tell you whether you have asymptomatic spreaders in your business.

Enviral Tech specializes in viral building surveillance solutions for vulnerable populations. Our patented COVID surface testing developed in collaboration with the University of Oregon gives you early coronavirus detection. It is invaluable for large communities because it does not rely on the human testing of every single staff person or consumer. This is especially important as we are in midst of the “twindemic” with the viral threats of both COVID and influenza.

As the spread of COVID-19 has continued throughout the world, scientists, healthcare professionals, and governments have been using environmental sampling to better understand how the virus is transmitted, potential infectivity modes and monitoring of hygiene/cleaning protocols. We are here to help you harness the same science to make sure that your facilities are ready to welcome people.

The sampling swabs we use are made specifically for environmental use and are not designed for human testing. This means that we do not displace or delay any human testing. In addition, we are improving the access to human testing by connecting an Oregon testing facility with businesses across the country.

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“We had a positive COVID in one of our communities. [Surface Testing] allowed us to be a full week ahead of when we would have seen symptoms.”

Brenda Connelly

Chief Quality Officer at The Springs Living, LLC

We use CDC and FDA approved methods under the Emergency Use Authorization to detect the virus in your facility. Our COVID-19 test is highly sensitive and can detect as little as 20 SARS-CoV-2 viral particles in each sample.

Your staff, as well as their families, want to know that you are doing everything possible to keep them healthy. Reassure them by posting the certificate in your business.

Testing the common and employee break areas regularly shows that your cleaning protocol is efficient and keeps your staff and the public at large safe. Our tailored COVID-19 environment testing offerings and customized packages can help you re-assure them.

With COVID environment testing, you prove your commitment to maintaining the health of your staff and reinforces the trust with their families.

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“Surface Testing took it to a different level for us […] to make sure that we can quickly identify and track any COVID-19 in the facilities. We are fully in."

April Diaz

Vice President of Clinical Services at Marquis Companies

What if the samples test positive for COVID-19?

We are here for you. Beyond environmental testing, Enviral Tech can provide consultative support to help you mitigate potential outbreak after a positive result (if SARS-CoV-2 genetic material is detected on one or multiple of your surfaces). We work with you and provide recommended next steps for becoming Clinically Clean again.

For more information, please contact us.

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