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Our Story

Enviral Tech is an infection control company founded by scientists who are committed to making the latest technologies available to anyone who wants to fight against infectious diseases within our communities. In early 2020, the world was beginning to recognize the speed and virulence of the COVID-19 outbreak and the possibility that it could evolve into a global pandemic. It became clear that a lack of access to detection tools would have a huge impact not only on our health, but also on the ways we live and work. We decided to take matters in our own hands and combine our scientific expertise, business acumen, and technical resources to help protect the most vulnerable communities from pathogens that threaten our lives.

Enviral Tech was born to provide residents' families and providers of long term care the power to know if, and when, COVID-19 had entered their environment. We believe that everyone in a long-term care community should feel their health is protected where they live and work. As we embarked on this journey, we saw similar needs in schools, multi-unit residential facilities, and businesses looking to keep students, teachers, residents, and staff similarly safe. At Enviral Tech we are proud to fight every day to lead the charge against viral infections to keep seniors, children, and staff and those working to protect them, safe, not just from COVID-19, but also from any viral pathogen.

-Shula Jaron, CEO

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Our Mission

Keeping our loved ones, including seniors, children, and vulnerable populations, safe is our number one priority. We work hand-in-hand with long-term care facilities and nursing home professionals, as well as school administrators and business owners, to adapt to the challenges that they are facing from potentially deadly viruses.


Our senior living COVID testing provides ongoing collaboration that brings comfort and peace of mind to residents and their families by giving facilities and staff the tools that they need to protect high-risk communities and ensure seniors and those who choose to care for them feel protected in the place where they live and work.


Ultimately, we want to create environments where viral pathogens are constantly kept in check and disposed of before they can ever affect residents, so they can live peacefully and healthy.


We firmly believe that the world we want to build will be the result of a constant collaboration with long-term care professionals, with the valued input of their residents and families. We know that each community faces their own unique challenges.

We pride ourselves on keeping an open line of communication with our community partners to understand the moment to moment issues they are trying to solve, allowing us to rapidly develop solutions that fit their unique needs.

Our Commitments

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We Care

We have been dedicated to the long-term care communities from the very beginning. We have been working with community leaders and led the largest COVID-19 study in long-term care.
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We Listen

Excellent and continued customer service is our pride. We provide ongoing in-person support and consultation to fit our solutions to the need of each facility and solve your issues around viral infections. Watch Testimonials

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We Excel

Our tests are based on advanced testing technology originally developed for clinical use and sampling protocols validated in the scientific literature. The results are highly reliable with 95.5% consistency between test repeats. 

Our Vision

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Our hope is to enable more surface and air testing for viral particles because we believe that this is an important early detector of the spread of highly infectious viruses.

Our Process

Customers receive a testing kit in the mail, then follow easy-to-understand instructions to swab high-traffic, high-contact areas and return the samples to our labs where we process them within 24 hours.

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Who We Serve

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Enviral Tech was created to connect long-term care facilities and nursing homes, as well as schools and businesses, with the COVID-19 testing solutions that they need to ensure the health of their employees, prevent and control infections, and restore confidence for their residents and their families.

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