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Enviral Tech was founded for the purpose of accelerating the collection and testing of surface and air samples for viral infection amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, especially to help alleviate the fear of not knowing whether an environment will make someone ill. Our facilities are located in Eugene, OR.

Our founders are scientists who are passionate about using their knowledge to better humankind

Enviral Tech provides molecular hygiene testing for the management of pandemic and post-pandemic facility safety assurance. 

Based on advanced molecular testing technology originally developed for clinical use, our test benefits from the most current molecular methods, combined with environmental sampling protocols validated in the scientific literature.

Customers receive a testing kit in the mail, then follow easy-to-understand instructions to swab their target space and return the samples to our labs for 24 hour processing.

Our hope is to enable more surface and air testing for viral particles because we believe that this is an important early detector of the spread of highly infectious viruses.

Lab Capabilities


Enviral Tech lab is equipped with advanced testing technology originally developed for clinical use. Our tests use cutting-edge molecular detection methods and sampling protocols.

Our BSL-2 Facility in Eugene, Oregon, has the capacity to handle hundreds of samples per day, using best practices to ensure that test integrity and employee safety are both protected.

Our Purpose

Enviral Tech, Inc was formed to connect senior care facilities with the COVID-19 testing that they need to ensure the health of their employees, prevent new infection, and restore confidence for their clients.


Founded in March of 2020, by Stephen Turner, PhD, Enviral Tech began in response to the growing unmet need for rapid testing for the COVID-19 global pandemic.


Meet demands for infectious disease testing, and deliver rapid test results. Develop innovative solutions for overcoming barriers to adequate infection disease testing.


Improved access to infectious disease testing can mitigate disease, and improve public health response. Eliminating barriers, and improving access to disease testing platforms, will allow for positive changes in public health outcomes on a global scale.

Cost-effective COVID-19 surveillance in Senior living communities using surface testing as part of a comprehensive plan 



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